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2 Day Epic Elopement Offroading Adventure in Moab, Utah

You can feel the radiating love that Chris and Nicole have for each other! The couple knew that they wanted to elope in a magical place where they had never explored or seen before. Moab, Utah was the destination for their epic elopement offroading adventure and it truly provided them the magic and adventure that they wanted to start their marriage.

Moab has arches, canyons, cliffs, lakes, and mountains that will mesmerize you. Nicole and Chris loved the different layers of the rocks and radiant colors that reflected off of the waters.

See more from this elopement in Moab, Utah below! Here’s a bit of their story:


Nicole said: “Chris and I have known each other since middle school! I lived next door to his grandparents as a child, but I moved in 5th grade. We are two years apart and shared our first Kiss at a drive-in theater when I was only 13!! Needless to say, because of the time and our age difference, we went our separate ways for a few years.

A few years later when I was 16 and Chris was 18 and getting ready to enroll in college. Then, we attempted to date. At the time, our age difference and being in different phases of our lives made it difficult for our relationship to work. We broke up after about 9 months together. We both moved on and dated other people, occasionally staying in contact just to say hello through the years.

Chris and I have always shared an undeniable connection however were both in long-term committed relationships. Chris had heard from mutual friends that I was single over a decade later. Coincidentally he was also moving back to our hometown around this same time. We reconnected through social media and we both realized after our first date why our other relationships failed.

It was because our timing in life was never right before but we belonged together. We were truly meant for one another and it’s finally our time to be together. Not only did we enjoy reconnecting but we were both excited to get to know each other as adults, with careers, and what kind of life we wanted together. We firmly believe that everything happened for a reason in order for us to re-connect and fall in love again.”


“We felt that eloping was the perfect fit for us because we cherish our quality time together more than anything. We feel happiest next to each other and share life experiences. Our goal was an intimate, emotional, relaxing, love-filled day. A day that we could look back on and know we did it exactly how we wanted. Not just because it’s how a wedding day should look or how other people would like to see us get married. We knew as long as we spent the day together and making memories, getting married was the added bonus.”


Chris said: “That is hard because I cherish every moment spent there from arriving at the house to saying “I do” to my forever person to the celebration with our friends who made the trip for us. Nicole had a smile on her face that lit up the entire house which made me so happy. She worked so hard planning this entire trip and it was flawless.

Waking up on our wedding day and seeing her friends work so hard to decorate the place for her made me smile because I know hard she worked to put everything together. She deserved the most perfect wedding day ever. It was made possible by her and the other amazing people we had around us. We went to our location and had the most amazing ceremony. Being able to look into Nicole’s beautiful eyes and officially make her my wife was the best feeling and moment.

We returned home and Nicole had a secret dinner planned with a personal chef and the food was phenomenal. Every day after that was beyond perfect because I got to spend every second next to the most amazing and beautiful wife in the world! Memories were made during our elopement trip that will last forever. I will always be grateful for each person who was involved in making our day so special.

Being in Utah on a trip where we explored and did new activities together while getting married was amazing with Nicole by my side. It created a lifetime of memories together along with our best friends and having an amazing photographer capture the magic of every moment was priceless.

Allison did an amazing job and is so talented with photography. We have memories we can cherish for the rest of our lives. I can’t wait to continue exploring and making new adventures for the rest of our lives. The amount of fun I have exploring with you next to me is endless and always puts a smile on my face. I am beyond ready to head back to Utah and start exploring.”

Nicole said: “It’s difficult to pick a specific moment that is my favorite from our elopement days. From the moment we arrived in Utah and drove to Moab, everything was perfect. Enjoying the morning of our wedding together was a feeling I’ve never experienced before. We spent the morning together by having coffee on our patio, laughing with friends, getting a workout in, and enjoying some food. Having our first look before arriving at our elopement location was filled with so much happiness and excitement.

I remember arriving at Dead Horse and walking towards the edge of the cliff, holding Chris’ hand and being completely blown away by the view and that we were standing in the exact spot we would soon say our vows. Standing with Chris while we said our vows was one of the most emotional heartwarming feelings I’ve ever experienced.

It was like everyone else disappeared and we were only speaking to each other although there were a few friends and family standing beside us. We locked eyes the entire time during our ceremony. Our wedding day wasn’t about impressing anyone, fulfilling expectations, or trying to ensure everyone else would be just as happy as us. Our wedding day was simply about our love and commitment to each other and finally becoming husband and wife. Chris and I also talked about how it could have brought us to tears seeing how happy our friends and family were that traveled to Moab with us. None of them had ever been to Utah.

One of them asked, “Was your wedding day everything you hoped it would be?”. I remember answering – our wedding day was always going to be magical, what truly made it even better was the happiness we saw from everyone else, they were astonished by Utah and the entire experience we shared. They cherished this experience and our wedding day more than we could have ever imagined. We made memories from the two-day adventure we will all share for a lifetime and they can’t wait to plan more adventurous vacations, traveling to National Parks!”

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