Elopements are legit my JAM – especially elopements in locations as stunning as the Dolomites! The intimacy of this location and the stunning scenery makes it an ideal spot to elope. The Italian Dolomites are the most stunning backdrop for wedding photos and cater to larger-than-life adventurers. If the Dolomites are a place that you are considering for an elopement, here are a few things to take note of first in order to pull it off! 


The Dolomites are located in northeast Italy within the South Tyrol geographic region. The Dolomites are just a small part of the Alps which stretch across many regions in that area.  Staying in the town of Cortina gives you super easy access to some of the more iconic areas of these Alps.

Marriage License

Thankfully, you do not need to be a citizen to legally elope in Italy, however you need to have completed a good bit of paperwork (preferably before you take off) that can take a good bit of time to complete. In order for the marriage to be considered legal, a few documents you need are: 

1) Passport

2) Birth Certificates

4) A certificate of permission to get married in Italy (a.k.a. Nulla Osta) 

5) Marriage Declaration at the town hall you plan to get married in, in Italy


For international travelers, flying into either Venice is your best option! Once you arrive, taking a bus or renting a car is the best way to access the surrounding towns near the Dolomites. Depending on where you want to get married, there are a variety of ski lifts and easily accessible areas as well as some areas that require a bit more of a hike. The latter require a photographer that really knows the area and can help guide you to these places (ahem – me!).

Nearby Activities

The Italian Dolomites are known for their incredible views, so anything that involves being outside and taking in the scenery is going to be the main attractions of this area. Depending on the time of year, skiing is also a great activity for couples that plan on staying a few days! There’s a ton of trails to check out, lakes where you can rent a canoe to paddle around and beautiful walks through the surrounding towns (check out this Italy elopement to see a gorgeous lake in the area)

Crowd Levels

There are more than likely going to be heavy crowds at most of the ‘Insta-worthy’ hotspots, however later in the year around late September the crowds die down a little and there is a higher chance you can get to those popular spots without having to fight for it. This being said, the mountain range is massive – if you have a photographer that can help you with how to elope in the dolomites, they can take you to places that the general public do not know about. 

If you are trying to get a prime spot during peak season, aiming for a sunrise shoot may help with the crowd levels as well – not to mention prime lighting for a gorgeous shot! 

Where to stay

The Dolomites have everything from fancy resorts to camp-style Airbnbs. There is no one single perfect place to stay due to the large number of accommodations. Figuring out where you want to take pictures and how you want to spend your time will largely determine where you stay. 

When it comes to eloping in the Italian Dolomites, the most important factors are to ensure that you have filled out all the necessary legal documents beforehand, figured out a prime source of transportation upon arrival and ensuring that you have an experienced photographer who can help guide you through this journey! Eloping the Dolomites is truly a once in a lifetime adventure! 

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