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How to Turn Instagram Stories into Profit | Free Monthly Educational Tid-Bit | Allison Slater Photography | Phoenix Wedding Photographer

I rang 2019 in with so many exciting plans and visions for the year – one of them being to bring you FREE, monthly educational material to help you build up and succeed in that small (or big) business life. Though I’m a photographer, not all of my post will be geared towards that one group of business owners. A majority of the material that I’ll be pushing out each month will be able to be put into practice by ANY small, medium or large sized business wishing to gain more vendor-relationships, clients and profit within their companies. Let’s dive in to your first FREE, monthly educational tid-bit: How to Turn Instagram Stories in Profit.

I’ve moved my photography business location a lot – three times, to be exact. I started my photography business when I lived in a small farm-town in Indiana, called Greencastle. I then moved my business with me to St. Louis, Missouri! After living there with my husband for 2 years, we decided to move AGAIN, to Phoenix, Arizona where my business now is based.

You may be wondering how I’ve been able to move my highly referral-based business so many times, without going years without having clients or making a profit. My secret? It’s Instagram. Over 80% of my clients come from that magical little app, and it’s even helped me to build clientele across the country – not just within Phoenix.

Ever since Instagram stories became a thing (so long, Snapchat!), I’ve made it an effort to CONSISTENTLY post an Insta Story each time I was doing something related to either my photography business OR things that I have listed in the bio portion of my Instagram (dogs, eating salsa, hiking, adventuring). By having something always uploaded to my story, it gives new AND returning Instagram user a more real and current insight into who I am, what I do and what I enjoy; essentially, it puts more of a face-to-the-name than what my curated profile does.

(Here’s something important to remember: stories only stay active on your profile for 24 hours, before disappearing, unless they’re added to a ‘Highlight’ section on your profile – but that’s for another free educational material day!).  

You may be wondering, “Alright Allison, I get it. Insta stories are a way to connect with new and current followers – but how does that turn into a profit?”. Let me break it down for you:

  1. You post on your Insta Story a video of you taking pictures in an epic location, of a really rad couple or a snapshot of your cute as heck dog – whatever it is that you post, it needs to be something that attracts your ideal client. For me, it’s couples that love to adventure, go off road, is obsessed with dogs, wants to experience epic locations, and like to get real close and cuddly in front of a camera. Hence, posting on Insta Story a video of me taking pictures in an epic location or even a picture of my dog. 
  2. A new or returning follower sees your Insta Story and wants to book you for an epic-location elopement, because they loved what they saw in your Insta Story and were able to connect with you personally – not just on an ‘about me website page’ level. 
  3. Because you posted that insta video, it connected you with a client that enjoys what YOU enjoy – aka, someone that’s your ideal client. You talk with them some more, get their information and then before you know it, you have an insta-story turned profit.

I’ve booked clients through Insta Stories for many different reasons: they liked how I interact with clients during a behind-the-scenes video, they thought my dog was cute and loved that I’m a dog person, they are obsessed with a snapshot of a location where I was shooting, they’re a chef and also love to eat chips and salsa, they liked seeing that I was shooting at the same venue where THEIR wedding was going to be held – even something as little as they liked my pink hair and peppiness when I talk. No matter which reasons it was that they reached out to me, it was because of posting to my Insta Story about who I am, what I do and what I enjoy that they booked with me. 

Here’s your homework: for a month, try to CONSISTENTLY have some sort of content on your Insta Story specific to those three categories: who you are, what you do and what you enjoy. If you make an effort to be intentional with the things that you post, I guarantee you that you will turn Insta Stories into Profit.

Check back on the first Monday of next month for your next FREE educational tid-bit!



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