Main Street | St. Charles, MO | Senior Session | Ashlyn

June 11, 2017


Two weeks ago, I met up with Ashlyn on Main Street in St. Charles for her Summer Senior Session! We had such a fun time hanging out together during it (her boyfriend and my hubs joined us!). Ashlyn is involved in the Middle School ministry at our church, so my hubby and I have had the opportunity get to know her a bit and learn what she is all about. She is such a great person and we love having her apart of the ministry!

Are you curious about what Ashlyn’s dream job would be, what her most memorable moment of high school has been and the three words that she uses to sum herself up? Check it all out below!

Ashlyn’s favorite class in high school has been the photography class that she took – she said that it was super fun and that she loved her teacher (that totally would have been my favorite class too!!). Junior year has been her most favorite year so far because it’s when she began to get more involved and started making a lot of friends at school. Ashlyn’s dream job is to be a middle school guidance counselor (this must be why she is so good at serving in the middle school ministry at our church!). She hopes to attend Milligan Christian College to pursue “anything involved with Middle Schoolers”, as she put it. She can’t wait to start college, start fresh and make more friends as well. Though she is excited for college, she isn’t looking forward to leaving all of her friends and family. When I asked Ashlyn what three words would sum her up, she said caring, passionate and laid back. Friends, this is exactly who Ashlyn is. Someone with a big heart that is so fun to be around.

Senior year is such a fun time in life and I so can’t wait to Ashlyn to experience it.