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Multi-Location Adventure Elopement in Northern Arizona

Intimate Weddings and Elopements

Within three months of dating, Shelby and Brady decided to take their first trip together to Arizona. It was in Arizona that they had their first adventure together, which made Arizona have a special place in their heart. They always knew that they would want their special day in Arizona too, specifically at Horseshoe Bend. Their Multi-Location Adventure Elopement in Arizona has been their greatest adventure thus far. Horseshoe Bend is the location where they exchanged our vows to one another and shared their first moments as husband and wife together. This location is not only full of breathtaking views and miles of beautiful landscape in every direction but also the special place that they will always hold in their hearts.

See more from this Multi-Location Adventure Elopement in Arizona below! Here’s their story:


“We met on BUMBLE! Crazy to think if we both didn’t swipe right and if I didn’t message him we probably wouldn’t even know each other exists. After talking for about a week, we met up at a local bar for dinner and drinks after a long day of nursing classes and him being at work. We hit it off immediately and planned to see a band for our second date just the following weekend. The rest is history!”


“Arizona holds such a special spot in both of our hearts. With it being the first place we both traveled to, we knew right when we got engaged that we would get married there. We both also despise BIG weddings. We want our day to be about US. Making sure we are both happy and in the moment sharing that day together. We have invited our immediate family being our parents, siblings, and their significant others, and a handful of other family members who we would love to be there.”


“Being in the moment. When we first thought of eloping, we didn’t know if we would offend anyone by doing what we wanted. After we thought about that though, we realized how stupid we sounded. Your wedding day is about YOU! Not anyone else! We knew eloping was the right choice for our relationship and future together as husband and wife. Being in the moment and being able to soak up every minute of the day is what we loved most about eloping. Not worrying or on a strict timeline, just a go with the flow attitude. During our first adventure as husband and wife, we were able to enjoy the little things. Yes, our family that was able to make it to Arizona were there to witness our ceremony, but soon after that, we were off on our own. The day goes by so fast and before you know it you are resting your head on your pillow. Eloping is the way to go, being able to enjoy every single second soaking it in as newlyweds were what we did and we wouldn’t have changed it one bit..”

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